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SMARTY BT. currently distributes two types of weld cleaning machines - one of them is the so-called SMART CLEANER 932 machine developed and produced in Hungary; the other one is, ISO-JET CLEANER 5, is imported from Switzerland and produced in Italy. Both weld cleaning machines with the belonging accessories and professional consumables from Switzerland allow a quick, easy, and environmentally friendly cleaning. The Hungarian product SMART CLEANER 932´s advantage beyond the favorable price is the larger performance and the adjustable primary voltage that allows the intensity of cleaning to be set on two possible stages. The Swiss ISO-JET 5 machine´s advantage is the very little size and the easy portability that can be attractive for companies offering work on field. Furthermore, phosphoric acid and citric acid based electrolytic fluids, basic and professional weld cleaning brushes can be added that gives a good and reliable solution for the most different cleaning and marking tasks.


Using the latest electrochemical technology, welded stainless surfaces can easily and quickly be cleaned with the right products. With our tools you can remove heat run marks - those discoloration and oxidation marks which are the results of the instantaneous reaction of welding. The cleaning procedure is very simple, fast, and environmentally friendly. Electrochemically cleaned materials and surfaces regain their original brightness and color, and the acid does not etch and leaves no stain. It can be used on field work or in metalworking workshops. The cleaning procedure is also passivation (where the water neutralizes the cleaning fluid). Passivation can be achieved by washing the surface with water at the end of the process. By applying it, you can forget about all the difficulties you might previously experienced during sanding or pickling cleaning.

  • Simple, fast, productive, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly technology
  • The treated surface remains in its original condition, no remaining stains
  • Meets the requirements in food industry as well
  • Needs only a few wearing parts (ex. carbon brush head and cleaning liquid)
  • Compared to cleaning with strong acids, pickling pastes and then passivation, which is also harmful to the human body, this process is significantly cheaper, and its environmental impact is incomparably more favorable
DC or AC?

why not buy a cheaper DC inverter cleaning machine?

There are many other solutions available on the market for electrochemical seam cleaning and of course in our company we are also constantly thriving to providing the newest machines and a wider selection to our customers.
There are many cheaper and more expensive seam cleaning solutions available on the internet - all of which are worth knowing that we are especially popular in AC technology.
Furthermore, we have an incomparably large technological advantage over some of our competitors that offer DC machines - which means retaining the brightness of the material in addition to speed and efficiency of the cleaning.
Before buying a seam cleaning machine, it is worth thinking about exactly what the machine will be used for - if you buy a machine that only operates in DC mode, the material will be also polished by cleaning, which in most cases is an undesirable

Features of carbon brushes

Clean your welding seams with the SMART CLEAN Basic and Pro carbon brushes with adjustable length. The special carbon brushes also offer a solution for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


  • Adjustable fiber length
  • Available in two types: 3,5 cm and 6,0 cm carbon fiber
  • Sliding or threaded Teflon sleeve
  • Extreme long lifespan
  • High quality for reasonable price
  • Cables can be hung on the brush holder
Smarty Bt.


  • 27 years of experience
    Extensive international relationship ex. Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
    Communication in English and German
    2 years warranty on all our products
  • Good service
  • Fast spare parts supply
  • Reliability

At Smarty Bt, we have been distributing stainless steel seam cleaning equipment and materials for more than 20 years. Over this period, we have sold more than 200 machines. In the meantime we have gained a lot of valuable experience, thanks to which we always manage to find an effective solution to our customers' surface cleaning problems. We have a large stock of the auxiliary materials used in seam cleaning and we offer a fast and reliable service at all times. After minor modifications, our accessories can even be used for machines from other manufacturers - so it is definitely worth considering buying even if their seam cleaning machine is from another manufacturer, but you find the prices of our accessories and consumables to be better than you currently use. There are also suitable alternatives for seam cleaners and wearing parts used by machines from different manufacturers to achieve significant cost savings - it is our pleasure to have a chat with you and to make you a good offer!

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